Inspirational Speaking

Unlock your true value and say, I can…

As a London inspirational speaker, I use my background and knowledge to get you believing you can do things you once thought were impossible.

I get you doing the Can, Can…



Inspirational speaker London

After collapsing at a young age, and as a former champion swimmer, I sunk into low self-esteem, plummeting into the depths of zero confidence and unable to assert myself. I rose to become a successful business woman, author, business writer and journalist.

Break the confidence barrier!

I use real-life, anecdotal storytelling techniques. I motivate you to go away feeling empowered and fired up to achieve more. You will be more determined than ever to reach terrific new heights, and I also get you thinking…and smiling.

An inspirational speaker London…with energy!

My talks will be tailored to your theme or focus, without bias. After listening to me, see your team prepare for change, setting goals that know no limits. I get you energised, with your feet on the accelerator pedal…pressing down.

Make your event memorable…for the right reasons

Make your evening complete with a memorable speaker. I have an extensive portfolio, I can adapt this to suit small or large business audiences, community and social groups of any age. Each audience is special and different.

I am available for delivering talks between 20 and 45 minutes, with or without question and answer time.

Book Sandy as your inspirational speaker

You will leave with enriching and sparkling new insights to extract move value from your life. You will also leave relaxed, laughing and full of adrenaline pumping…

To book Sandy for a speaking engagement or to find out more:

M: 07985 249 964

T: 020 8979 4947


Inspirational speaker London

Inspirational speaker London