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Learn more about Sandy: Sandy inspirational speaker London began her speaking career in 2006. She has delivered business talks, motivational talks and inspirational speeches to a wide variety of audiences.

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Sandy can tailor her talks to any size audience. She is polite and friendly. She will arrive promptly at your venue and engage with the audience, both before and after the event.

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Sandy inspirational speaker London

Sandy inspirational speaker London


In 1989, Sandy, a former Warwickshire county butterfly and freestyle swimming champion, was a young mum with a new born baby to bring up. Suddenly, she found herself bedbound with chronic muscle fatigue. For the next 10-15 years of her life she remained bedbound. Whilst needing 24 hour care, she twice lost her life following two cardiac arrests.


Today, Sandy is a successful businesswoman, experienced PR consultant and journalist, published in many mainstream newspapers and magazines, both nationally and internationally. She is also an author and an award-winning speaker. She uplifts and inspires her audiences, bringing them to tears of sadness and laughter, helping them to confront change, overcome challenge and adversity.

Inspiring you

She uses her powerful experience to help propel you through life’s difficulties and hazards, build confidence and change perceptions. She will inspire you to never give up. As an entertaining motivational speaker and inspirational speaker, Sandy will inspire you to achieve more in your life.

Supporting you

In her delivery she draws on anecdotal personal experience in transforming trauma to triumph; you will leave with tips and soundbites to help you aim higher and achieve more, however limited or restricted your life may seem.

Motivating you

Sandy motivates audience members to extract more value from their lives, step out of comfort zone, keep productive and become the person you really want to be. She bases her talks on specific themes, tailored individually to each audience.

Speaking for you

She can adapt her portfolio to suit small or large business audiences, community and social groups of any age. She is available for delivering inspirational or motivational talks from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.